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I Spy With My Little Eye.. by chocolatemilklove I Spy With My Little Eye.. :iconchocolatemilklove:chocolatemilklove 1 0 Snap Your Bubble Gum by chocolatemilklove Snap Your Bubble Gum :iconchocolatemilklove:chocolatemilklove 2 0
I Can't Forget
With you gone, it's like my first steps just lead to falling
I try to crawl but all it does is leave more bruises on me.
What ever happens, just know that this is not your fault.
What ever happens, just know that I was always bound to fall apart.
I don't want to be heard, I don't want to be seen.
I'll quit while I'm ahead, wash these memories down the kitchen sink.
Can't you understand the pain that tears me up inside?
Can't you understand that I don't want to be left here to die?
Did I start this? Did I cause this entire war myself?
Look in the mirror, I know God will send me straight to hell.
I cannot face it, take a marker and etch out my reflection.
I just can't take this, I need to earn my own redemption.
Let's face a fact: I'm a tyrant and a curse.
It's like I can't do anything but hurt,
Myself and others, will this streak never end?
I need no enemies, all I need is a strong and stable hand.
Steady, steady. Don't let this thing
Break under me, under me.
Slow and careful,
:iconchocolatemilklove:chocolatemilklove 0 0
One Last Dance
It's another round, not of fists but it's torment
Can you please let me forget?
Everything. Between now and last fall.
You can do what you want, you can say what you like
But I throw up my hands, I'm done with this fight.
How did we get here? So far out of place?
Nothing's like it was all those warm summer nights.
Dipping our feet in the ocean, getting sand in our hair.
The sunlight between us, it's like nothing could compare.
And I meant to tell you, those three important words
But they got lost on the way out and I was misunderstood.
And here we stand before each other,
It's like we've never met.
Your eyes filled with hatred, and mine in regret.
Is it too late now? To go back to that night,
And finally tell you, what I couldn't say right?
Don't leave me dancing alone, on this cold autumn night
Because when I look to the sky, the stars don't shine as bright.
Overwhelmed in despair, I lay on the ground
Praying to God in the Highest to keep you around.
But I'm too late. I missed my chan
:iconchocolatemilklove:chocolatemilklove 1 0
Romantic Tragedy
Do you remember?
Our first kiss after our first night together?
It was like snow falling on a cloudless night,
I don't know how it works, but it feels alright.
Now, baby, don't feel afraid
I know you left everything, getting on that train
But don't worry, just keep a smile on that pretty face
I won't let nothing happen, I'll keep the rain away
Because we're meant to be here
In this small town,
Without trying to tip toe around.
And While I left nothing behind, you left it all
Only a note on the doorstep, and there's nothing..
Nothing that we could do.
I know your family said no, while you begged yes
I read the letters you wrote with no address
I remember, I remember that night
The night you asked me in a whisper to leave on the light
And at midnight you came, With tears staining your face
that I just couldn't bring myself to wipe away.
You asked, why? Why did it happen like this?
I said, honey I'm sorry, I don't have an answer for it.
Your head laid on my shoulder, no words left to say
:iconchocolatemilklove:chocolatemilklove 0 0
2011 deviantID by chocolatemilklove 2011 deviantID :iconchocolatemilklove:chocolatemilklove 1 0 masks are for wimps by chocolatemilklove masks are for wimps :iconchocolatemilklove:chocolatemilklove 2 2 do you think by chocolatemilklove do you think :iconchocolatemilklove:chocolatemilklove 3 0 Winnifred I by chocolatemilklove Winnifred I :iconchocolatemilklove:chocolatemilklove 24 8
Don't Drown
These puddles on the ground
couldn't keep you from spending your days
doing kartwheels on the grass
You say it's the next best thing to flying
but I never understood you
because you've never even been in a plane.
You're laugh can bring a smile
out of every single person in this room
But you put it away and hide it
because you hate your smile and
are ashamed to wear it.
Your posters you hang on the wall
that you say will inspire you
to become a better person,
to do greater things,
only continue to wear you out
And eventually you rip them down,
saying you'll find new ones
and try again later.
I hate watching you punch
that try again later button
over and over and over again.
it's broken but you're unwilling
to let it go.
I tell you you're perfect
You laugh in my face.
I swear I'm not joking,
I look you in the eye
but your blue ones avert mine
and luck's not on my side.
I see you hugging yourself,
You try to hold yourself together
but you won't let me get close
enough to help.
Scared, hel
:iconchocolatemilklove:chocolatemilklove 1 0
Disconnected Words
When I try to write about my life,
Nothing comes out but scrambles of words.
When I try to describe the feelings inside me,
I lock them up and wait for the worst.
So much to say, but so little to write
Confusing thoughts that keep me up at night.
No where to go, nothing to give
Sometime's life is hard to live.
Songs so inspiring
Lyrics so rough.
Sometimes I wish
I could be that tough.
To say what they say, to do what they do,
They can pluck a string and have an instant tune.
I don't want to be a singer, I'm fine being a writer
But when words don't express me right, I clam up even tighter.
Tears come so easy, laughter so hard,
This whole world is backwards,
And I feel so blind,
My ears are ringing, like a broken clock's chime.
My hands struggle for a grip,
I'm coughing up blood.
I feel so damn sick,
I've handled enough.
Shake it off, shake it off,
Come on girl, just walk it off.
It's like running a mile, when you're so out of shape,
The side hurts the worst but feels good to finish the
:iconchocolatemilklove:chocolatemilklove 1 0
Mature content
End at Nine :iconchocolatemilklove:chocolatemilklove 0 0
Innocence is Bliss - June ID by chocolatemilklove Innocence is Bliss - June ID :iconchocolatemilklove:chocolatemilklove 0 1 May ID by chocolatemilklove May ID :iconchocolatemilklove:chocolatemilklove 2 0 left a ghost by chocolatemilklove left a ghost :iconchocolatemilklove:chocolatemilklove 1 0 pack up your troubles by chocolatemilklove pack up your troubles :iconchocolatemilklove:chocolatemilklove 9 13

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